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Sat 24 Oct 2020: “Memories of Miss Kathleen James” shared by Mrs Frances Edwards Read More

Mon 22 August 2020: “Memories of  Victor and Doreen Preston’s Wedding”  shared by Arthur and Frances Edwards. Read More

Fri 19 June 2020: “Memories of Omagh Methodist”  shared by Mrs Frances Edwards nee Preston Read More

Sat 30 May 2020: “Memories of Mr Bick Bell” shared by Mr Desmond Preston Read More

Sat 3- May 2020: “Memories in Photographs”  Set 4 from the albums of Gerry Knight Read More

Fri 22 May 2020: “Memories of  Sunday School and Mrs Bann” shared by Mr Desmond Preston Read More

Fri 22 May 2020: “An Evening to Remember – 24 May 1988” shared by Mrs Esther Millar Read More

Tue 19 May 2020: Memories in photographs,  Set 3 from the albums of Gerry Knight Read More

Tues 19 May 2020: Can you help in the missing names in this photo of OMC in 1966? Read More

Sat 16 May 2020: Memories of Omagh Methodist for MWI Sunday 17 May shared by Mrs Joan Strong Read More

Wed 13 May 2020: Memories in Photographs Set No.2 from the albums of Gerry Knight   Read More

Sun10 May 2020: Memories of Sunday School and Elsie Stewart shared by Mr John Buchanan Read More

Sat 09 May 2020: Memories in photographs  Gerry Knight shares some pictures from the past Read More

Wed 6 May 2020: Memories of ” Omagh Methodist Church Sunday School”  shared by Mrs Sonia Gillespie Read More

Sun 3 May 2020: “My memory of VINESONG” shared by Mr John Buchanan  Read More

Sat 2 May 2020: “One very precious memory” shared by Mrs Doreen Preston Read More