At the morning service three young persons were admitted to full membership in a service led by the minister, Rev Eleanor Hayden.  Their admission to full membership followed a time of preparation for a number of young people from across the circuit, conducted on-line over a period of weeks.  The solemn but joyful service involved not just the candidates and their families but the whole congregation in a renewal of commitment to serve God and follow Christ.  To mark the event each young person was presented with a Bible and invited to participate with the rest of the congregation in a service of Holy Communion.

Rev Eleanor also used the occasion to introduce Miss Naomi Armstrong, recently appointed to the post of Youth Worker for Omagh Methodist and St Columba’s Parish Church.   Naomi’s background in Methodism and her familiarity with the Methodist way of doing things allowed her to assist Rev Eleanor with the serving of the bread and wine at the communion table.

[L – R] Chloe Giles, Aoife Paskin, Rev Eleanor Hayden, Noah Colton