Sunday School Service, 22 May 2022

The Children of the Sunday School with their teachers and Rev Eleanor Hayden

On Sunday 22 May morning service was dedicated to the Children of the Sunday School and their teachers.  Bible passages relating to children were read by the older members of the group while the youngest were encouraged to walk, jog and run round the church to get a better view of the window “decorations” which had been set up by Rev Eleanor.  Each window represented a story or event in the Bible and the children were asked to call out the connection.  The basket with some bread and fish in it was quickly identified as the story of the feeding of the 5,000.  The doll in the wicker basket on blue crinkly paper clearly alluded to the story of Baby Moses.   A soft toy eagle sheltering chicks beneath fluffy wings represented Gods’ caring love for all his children.  And so on round the church until the end of the service when all children were presented with an award for their attendance at Sunday School.

Grateful thanks were expressed by the Rev Hayden on behalf of the congregation to the Sunday School Teachers for their work throughout the year and their input to the Morning Service