Rhona’s Page [Mrs Rhona Alcorn]

In September 2021 Rhona embarked on another exciting stage in her ministry by candidating as a local preacher.  Part of her training is to take services in different churches around the circuit and further afield.   To see how she is getting on click on the links below.

Sun 22 May: Morning Service in Fintona Methodist Church led by Rhona   LINK

Sun 8 May: Morning service in Mayne Methodist Church led by Rhona   LINK

Sun 24th April: Morning Service in Drumquin Methodist Church led by Rhona  LINK

Rhona has recorded six songs for Easter 2022
1. An Upper Room did our Lord prepare   LINK
2. Were you there when they crucified my Lord   LINK 
3. From Handel’s Messiah “He was despised”  LINK
4. The Power of the Cross   LINK
5.  All Above   LINK
6. Christ our Lord has risen today  LINK

Rhona’s Services

Wed 30 March 2022.  Morning Service in Togherdoo Methodist on Sunday 27 March   LINK

Fri 25 March 2022 ” Because He lives”  sung by Rhona Alcorn  LINK

Mon 14 Feb 2022. Morning Service in Castlederg Methodist Church on Sunday 6 March  LINK

Mon 14 Feb 2022. Morning Service in Magherafelt Methodist Church Sunday 6 February LINK

Sun 13 Feb 2022, Morning Service in Drumquin Methodist   LINK

Sun 16 Jan 2022, Drumquin   LINK

Sun 19 Dec. 2021  “The Encouragers’ Club”,  Portadown   LINK 

Sun 17 Oct. 2021, Omagh    LINK

Sun 05 Sept. 2021, Mayne.   LINK

Rhona’s Songs

Mon 14 Mar 2022 “It’s beginning to rain” – Rhona and friend, Hilary   LINK

Fri 14 Jan 2022: “Art the Cross. (Love ran red)”  Chris Tomlin Cover by Rhona   LINK

Fri 14 Jan 2022: “Speak, O Lord”  Sung by Rhona    LINK