Prayer Topics.
 Give thanks for all the church and school activities before Christmas throughout the community.
 Pray for all families who find this time of the year difficult because of bereavement and people away from home.
 Pray for Rev Eleanor and Gareth as they minister to all who are housebound and unable to come to church for Christmas Services.
 Pray for those who remain ill, at home, in hospital or care homes and those who care plus those who are undergoing treatments or tests.
 Pray for Doreen Preston in Kenya and Ethel McClelland in Romania this week.
 Pray for safety on the roads, often in difficult driving conditions.

“’Therefore wait for me,’ declares the Lord, …. I will purify the lips of people that all of them may call on the name of the Lord.” (Zephaniah 3 v 8-9).

After predicting the destruction of the surrounding nations Zephaniah returned to the problem of sin in Jerusalem where God’s people were as sinful as their pagan neighbours, but pretended to worship and serve God but were complacent about their sin and consequences.
(Read Zephaniah 3 v 1 -8 and 8 – 14).
The second part of this chapter turns to the ‘day of Hope’ i.e. in the last days when God will judge all people but justice will prevail, evil doers will be punished and the obedient will be blessed.

Rejoice the Lord is king! Your Lord and King adore;
Mortals give thanks and sing, and triumph evermore.

Chorus. Lift up your heart, lift up your voice;
rejoice again I say rejoice.

Jesus the Saviour reigns, the God of truth and love;
when He had purged our stains, he took his seat above.

His kingdom cannot fail, he rules both earth and heaven;
the keys of death and hell are to our Jesus given.

He sits at God’s right hand til all his foes submit,
and bow to his command, and fall beneath his feet.

Rejoice in glorious hope; Jesus the judge shall come,
and take his servants up to their eternal home.