Prayer Topics for Week beginning Sunday 18 February 2018

 Give thanks for the Rev Eleanor and Gareth as they recover to full fitness again.
 Pray for those who remain ill, at home or in hospital. Pray also for all who give care in a variety of settings.
 Pray for the ongoing Lent Services.
 Pray for the continuing work with mission partners in various parts of the world.
 Pray for wisdom at Stormont as the political parties fail to reach any agreement on way forward for the province.


Triumph is winning. It is winning well. Jesus triumphed.
In some quarters, strong objections are raised at triumphalism. It is considered undesirable to allow triumphal celebrations which seem to put a heavy foot on the neck of the defeated.
In sport celebrations of victory are perfectly natural. In politics, celebrations at winning an election are quite understandable. Even in war, when a tyrant is defeated, some celebration would not be unexpected.
One thing is certain, tyrants still stalk some lands. The forces of law and order are not having outstanding success in the fight against crime.
There are still wrongs to be righted, still battles to be won.
Before any triumph there will be a contest or battle. Jesus triumphed after defeating the Devil. Jesus at his weakest defeated Satan at his strongest. We are glad that at Calvary’s cross, right triumphed over wrong, good over evil.
Every time we thank the Lord for all He has done for us, we are joining in the victory celebrations. Celebrations which are fully permissible and not misplaced. May they continue unabated. May our prayer be that of the psalmist, “Do not let me be put to shame, nor let my enemies triumph over me”. (Psalm 25 v 2)

Triumphant Lord we praise Your Name,
Your victory we do acclaim.
Whilst in the fight You first were slain,
You then triumphant rose again.

You won a victory complete
when nails went through Your hands and feet.
You did what no one else could do
For mankind’s foe You did subdue.

You conquered sin, and death, and Hell,
Completely, fully, surely, well.
You are the victor who was slain,
But then in triumph rose again.