Prayer Topics for week beginning Sunday 10 December

Prayer Topics
 Give thanks for parents, school, Sunday school, and young leaders who help prepare our children for life.
 Give thanks for the opportunity to learn the application of more Bible truths during the Bible Study series which finishes this week.
 Pray for the work of the Youth & Children’s department and especially the members of the T.O.M. team as they prepare to visit Omagh.
 Pray for those who remain ill, at home or in hospital. Continue to remember families who mourn or are lonely.
 Pray for those in authority, in local government, those elected to govern at Stormont, and the government at Westminster


The birth of Jesus which we celebrate at Christmas time was both expected and announced. The Old Testament prophets predicted the event; then came John the Baptist and then the angel host to the Shepherds. In God’s work in the world today, Jesus still comes, yet many still reject him. Read these stories in 2 Samuel 23 v 2-5 and Matthew 1 20.

John the Baptist, by his preaching and by water poured,
brought to those who heard his teaching news of hope restored:
‘Keep your vision strong and steady, and be ready for the Lord.’
(E G Monk)

Praise to the God who clears the way preparing room and space;
for power and pride will lose their sway as peace comes in their place.

Praise to the God who comes to judge the truth of word and deed,
who calls our minds and wills to change, rebuking wealth and greed.

Praise to the God who waits with us for hope and joy to reign,
who shares our suffering and our loss embodied in our pain.

Praise to the God who comes to bring comfort to all who mourn.
The whole creation ‘Glory’ sings as Christ the light is born.
(J Berry)