Prayer Topics for the week beginning Sunday 27 May 2018

• Give thanks for the friendships and work of MWI and their time away with the women of 1st Omagh church.
• Pray for those who remain ill, at home or in hospital. Pray also for their families and all who give care.
• Pray for all those young people who are preparing/doing important exams at present.
• Pray for the preparations being made for Methodist Conference which meets in Londonderry this year.
• Give thanks for those men who give their time each Sunday to open the church for worship, and also for the work of Freddie behind the scenes when other occasions as needed.
• Remember the McFarland family following the death of Loida’s brother in Argentina.


“Father I pray …..that they may be one as we are one” (John 17)

Jesus prayed –
Father may they be one and again,
may they be one as we are one.
This is what Jesus is praying.
One with Christ and with each other,
one with Father, Spirit, son,
this is what our Lord is saying
so may peace on earth be won.

In a world of hurly burly
rough and tumble, grief and pain
in a world of war and wailing
fear and fighting, proud disdain.
Are we more united in destruction
of the world we have been loaned?

Yet in God’s name we have been chosen
set aside and been equipped,
now sent out to be his champions
in a world out of control.
In Christ’s strength and with His Spirit
we can comfort, share, console.
Called to be arms of Christ’s salvation
called to work and make things right.
Showing Christ through love and action
rebuilding lives and saving souls,
Reconciled to God and to each other.

This is what Jesus is praying.
This is what Jesus is saying.
This is what Jesus is asking of us.
(M. Savage)