From time to time interesting articles, videos and sermons are submitted for the website.  They are things which the Rev Eleanor has approved and wishes to share.  They can be found on “Other Pages”.  It is hoped readers will find these pages encouraging, uplifting and informative.

Seizing the Kairos Moment” Dr Johnston McMaster, uploaded 05.07.20 Read More

“The search for meaning and moral values” Dr Johnston McMaster , uploaded 05.07.20 Read More

“People still need us” Dr Gladys Ganiel reflects on Covid-19, uploaded 05.07.20 Read More

“A common word” by a team of Christian Leaders and Muslim clerics, uploaded 05.07.20 Read More

Out of Lockdown”  by Dr Johnston McMaster, Belfast, uploaded 17.06.20  Read More

“Reading in Lockdown” by Dr Johnston McMaster, Belfast, uploaded 04.06.20 Read More

“Reflections on Pentecost” submitted by Eileen Gallagher, Enniskillen, uploaded 04.06.20 Read More

Good Morning” – a short video celebrating each new day, from Fermanagh Churches Forum, uploaded 04.06.20   View Here

In a time of Pandemic” – A Statement from the World Council of Churches, uploaded 04.06.20 Read More

“Easing the lockdown” Dr. Johnston McMaster, Belfast,  uploaded 20.05.20 Read More

“Reflections on the current situation” Dr Johnston McMaster, Belfast, uploaded 05.05.20 Read More