Bible Study Group: Autumn 2017
Wednesdays at 8.00 pm in the Dick Bell Room
Everyone Welcome

The theme for this Autumn’s Bible Study is HOSPITALITY – God’s Call to Compassion.  The word “hospitality” brings to mind tables filled with cookies and pots of good coffee.  Being hospitable, in our understanding today, means to be gracious with your home and gifted at creating an atmosphere that invites community and relationship building.  Everyone appreciates this kind of hospitality, and it is an important aspect of serving others.   However biblical hospitality goes much deeper than plates of goodies, and it addresses the significant needs of the most vulnerable people.

In these studies we will discover the Old Testament call to hospitality as the outward-focused expression of God’s grace and provision.  In the New Testament Jesus unpacks image after image of the kingdom of God in the language of host and guests

18 October:   Hosting the Traveller  – Genesis 18: 1-16 and Exodus 2: 15-22
25 October:   Welcome and Blessing – 2 Kings 4: 8-17
1 November:  Kindness Beyond Expectation – Ruth 2:  4: 13-22
8 November:  A Heart of Hospitality – Psalm 146
15 November:  Fasting the Lord’s Way – Isaiah 58
22 November:  Dwelling in Service – Matthew 25: 31-46
29 November:  Offering Your Resources – Mark 6: 30-40
6 December:   Feasting Through Sacrifice -Luke 22: 7-30
13 December:  Destroying Barriers – Acts 10

If you would like to know more contact Rev Eleanor Hayden on: 028 8216 0086.