Sunday 15th May: Sunday Thought: From our church notice sheet by Esther Millar


Philip said, “Lord show us the Father and that will be enough for us.”

(John 14 v 8)

The intellect demands proof. The enquiring mind requires evidence. The natural man wants to see and handle Divinity before believing. Yet it is a simple faith and trust in God that brings Jesus into the heart and life.

The proof is there. God is real. Jesus is wonderful.

“After His suffering, He showed Himself to these men and gave many convincing proofs that He was alive.” (Acts 1 v 3)

Jesus had to reason with His own disciples as well as handle doubters who did not follow Him. Thomas doubted and Philip asked to see the Father.

Jesus was asked to perform miracles to satisfy curiosity or as proof of who He was.

Did it count for nothing that He always spoke the truth, and that His statements about Himself bore the same unerring accuracy? It may seem audacious of anyone to expect an Almighty God to perform miracles on request.

Yet, Jesus accommodated legitimate honest doubting by Thomas, with dramatic response. He went further read again

Acts 1 v 3 and Acts 17 v 31.

They asked the Saviour for the proof
That He was not a fake or spoof.
Yet He as child or man or youth,
All He had ever said was truth.

The intellect wants evidence
Of the Almighty Providence –
It’s with the heart we believe
And Jesus Christ our Lord receive.

Yet He did suddenly arrive,
The Risen Lord who was alive.
“Many convincing proofs” He gave
That He is able now to save.