August: Sunday Thought: From our church notice sheet by Esther Millar


“… Jesus Himself came up and walked along with them …“. (Luke 24 v 15)

As two of His disciples went along the road to Emmaus after the resurrection, Jesus joined them.

He then accompanied them on their journey.

The manner in which He joined them, conversed with them along the way, and how He finally left them, tells us something about Him.

Many, many times He also accompanies us.

The distinguished traveller simply and quietly joined the two disciples as they travelled home to Emmaus. He did not ostentatiously step up in front of them, signal to them with waving arms, and announce who He was. Nor did He overtake them. He merely caught up with them and unobstrusively joined them.

His conversation was edifying without embarrassing them in any way. In a quiet mild mannered way He went about the task of reassuring those two disciples. When they reached their destination He was unassertive, in that they asked Him to take a break, He did not dictate to them.

How like Jesus!

In His dealings with us He often accompanies us, virtually unnoticed.

May we never forget that He said, “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of this age.”   (Matthew 28 v 20)


Two travelled the Emmaus road,
On that first Resurrection day.
As step by step they briskly strode,
One came and joined them on their way.

He spoke of the events they’d seen,
They said their world had come apart.
Whilst they recounted where they’d been,
The words He spoke did burn their heart.

And only when He sat at meat,
Was it revealed, what had been hid.
Jesus, it was, who did them greet
The One who them accompanied.