In the days before the lockdown the ladies of Omagh Methodist planned to hold their annual M.W.I. service on Sunday 17 May with Mrs Joan Strong, All-Ireland President of M.W.I. as our speaker. Since our service cannot go ahead as planned a different set of arrangements has been made using our church website as a place to share Memories, Reflections and Songs.   Joan, who is originally from Omagh, has kindly written a piece about her memories of Omagh Methodist for the MEMORIES page.   Mrs Rhona Alcorn has put four pieces specially recorded for the service on her page, and Mrs Doreen Preston, President of Omagh M.W.I. has written an encouraging piece for the ladies everywhere.
We hope that you will enjoy these contributions to our website for MWI Sunday in the hope that our group of ladies will soon be able to meet together again.  Just click on the LINKS below to view each contribution.
With best wishes
Anne McBain

Mrs Joan Strong’s Message and Memories of Omagh Methodist   Read More

Mrs Doreen Preston’s Message of encouragement   Read More

Mrs Rhona Alcorn’s Songs for M.W.I. Sunday  LINK