In the absence of Sunday School, a page has been created for the youngest members of our congregation.  It is hoped they will enjoy these You Tube videos chosen by Rhona Alcorn.  Sometimes YouTube puts ads in before the start.   To get rid of them click on the “Skip Ads”  button.

Mon 11 Jan: “When I look” Pre-school Worship Song   LINK

Mon 11 Jan: “Hope in my heart” Pre-school Worship Song   LINK

Mon 4 Jan: “Just like you”  Worship song for for kids   LINK

Mon 4 Jan: “The Lord’s Prayer for Children”   LINK

Mon 4 Jan: “The Butterfly Song”   LINK

Thurs 24 Dec: “He chose the shepherds” – Nativity Video chosen by Rhona   LINK

Thurs 24 Dec: “The story of Christmas – Jesus and the Wise Men”   LINK

Thurs 24 Dec: “The story of Christmas – Jesus and the Shepherds”   LINK

Wed 16 Dec: “The story of Christmas”  Mary and Joseph   LINK

Wed 16 Dec: Singalong to “Twinkle, twinkle little star”   LINK

Wed 16 Dec: “Christmas is Jesus” YouTube video   LINK

Wed 16 Dec: “Joy to the world”  YouTube video   LINK

Wed 16 Dec: “Christmas Medley”  YouTube Video    LINK

Wed 16 Dec: “It’s Christmas”  YouTube video   LINK

Wed 16 Dec: “Light of the stable”  YouTube video   LINK

Wed 16 Dec: “Little Donkey”  Christmas Traditional   LINK

Thurs 10 Dec: “The story of Christmas – Mary and Joseph”  Bible story   LINK

Thurs 10 Dec: “Little Donkey”  sung by Children’s Choir   LINK

Fri 4 Dec: “Moses Song”  Lyric video   LINK

Fri 4 Dec: “The Ten Commandments Boogie” Music and Dance video   LINK

Fri 4 Dec: “The Ten Commandments”  Bible story video   LINK

Fri 4 Dec: “Moses, God’s Servant”  Bible Story from the book of Exodus   LINK

Thurs 26 Nov: “Oh, Taste and See”  A song sung by the Spencer family   LINK

Thurs 26 Nov: “Moses in the wilderness” Bible story – Exodus 14: 12  LINK

Tues 24 Nov: “What a Mighty God we serve”   LINK

Tues 17 Nov: “My best friend – Jesus”   LINK

Tues 17 Nov: “Love each other” Pre-school Worship Song   LINK

Tues 17 Nov: “Looking at my heart” Pre-school Worship Song  LINK

Tues 17 Nov: “I was born for this” Song  LINK

Fri 13 Nov: “Moses and the burning bush” Bible story – Exodus 2 -3   LINK

Fri 13 Nov:  “Every move I make”  A dance-along song for children   LINK

Fri 6 Nov: “Deep, deep, deep,” Christian Dance Song for Children   LINK

Fri 6 Nov: “Baby Moses”  Bible story – Exodus 1-2  LINK

Mon 2 Nov: “The joy joy joy joy down in my heart”  A Song  LINK

Mon 2 Nov: “Praise you with my song” Animation song  LINK

Mon 2 Nov: “Our God”     a lyric video  LINK

Mon 2 Nov: “Hallallujah! Praise ye the Lord”  A Song  LINK

Thurs 29 Oct: “Joseph Song”   LINK

Thurs 29 Oct: “Joseph Forgives” Bible Story – Genesis 42 -43   LINK