In the absence of Sunday School, a page has been created for the youngest members of our congregation.  It is hoped they will enjoy these You Tube videos chosen by Rhona Alcorn.  Sometimes YouTube puts ads in before the start.   To get rid of them click on the “Skip Ads”  button.

Mon 01 Mar: ” Standing on the promises of God” Kids Worship   LINK

Mon 01 Mar: “You are so faithful”  Kids Worship   LINK

Mon 22 Feb: “Children of God”  Kids Worship    LINK

Mon 22 Feb: “Mighty to save”  Kids Worship    LINK

Tues 16 Feb: “Live alive”   LINK

Tues 16 Feb: “Joy of the Lord”   LINK

Tues 09 Feb: “As for me” by Yancy and Little Praise Party   LINK

Tues 09 Feb: “Praise the Lord every day”  by Yancy and Little Praise Party   LINK

Thurs 05 Feb: “God made me”  Kids Worship Song   LINK

Thurs 05 Feb: “Did you ever talk to God above”  Kids Worship Song   LINK

Thurs 05 Feb: “A gift to you” Kids Worship Song    LINK

Thurs 28 Jan: “Praise ye the Lord”  Animation   LINK

Thurs 28 Jan “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy deep in my heart”   LINK

Thurs 28 Jan: “Fruit of the Spirit” A song for kids   LINK

Mon 18 Jan: “You are my God” Pre-school Worship Song   LINK

Mon 18 Jan: “Hey God”  Worship Song   LINK

Mon 18 Jan: “Raise a Hallelujah” Worship Song   LINK

Mon 11 Jan: “When I look” Pre-school Worship Song   LINK

Mon 11 Jan: “Hope in my heart” Pre-school Worship Song   LINK

Mon 4 Jan: “Just like you”  Worship song for for kids   LINK