Welcome Service for Rev Leah McKibben

On Sunday 4th July 2021 a Welcome Service was held for Rev Leah McKibben in Togherdoo Methodist Church.   Social distancing restricted numbers in the church to 30 persons; all others were seated in the Sunday School Room or the Church Hall with the service relayed to the carpark for those sitting in their own cars.  The service was recorded and uploaded to the church website www.omaghmethodist.com

The photographs below were taken by Mr Gerry Knight
Group Photo 
[Seated L – R] Rev Eleanor Hayden,  Rev Robin McKibben,  Rev Leah McKibben, Mrs Marion McKibben
[Standing L – R] Mr Kenneth Strong [Circuit Secretary], Mrs Yvonne McQuaid, [Circuit Treasurer] Rev John Sweeney, Miss Judith McKibben, Rev Dr. Stephen Skuce [Northwest District Superintendent],  Mr John Stewart [Circuit Steward]

Rev Leah with the Society Stewards
[Front row L – R] Rev Eleanor Hayden, Rev Leah McKibben, Rev Dr Stephen Skuce
[Standing L – R] Mr Paul Hawkes [Mayne], Mrs Betty Braden [Drumquin], Mr Alymer McKinney [Fintona], Mrs Esther Millar [Omagh], Mr Reggie Mills [Togherdoo]

Family Photo
[Left-right]Rev Leah McKibben, her father, Rev Robin McKibben, Mrs Marion McKibben and Uncle Joe, better know to us as Rev John Sweeney.