On Sunday 11 October Rev Eleanor had the joyful duty of baptising her grand-daughter, Rosie Daly, in the presence of her husband Gareth and Rosie’s paternal grand-parents, Mr and Mrs Daly.   Before the service got under way, Baby Rosie, showed that she has a very fine pair of lungs and Rev Eleanor was waiting anxiously to see if she her own grand-daughter would be the first infant to drown out one of her Christening services.  In the event little Rosie slept through it all.   Her big sister Grace was also as good as gold, lovingly taking her little sister’s hand at one point during the service.  Afterwards everyone posed for family photos, some of which are shared below.

Mum and Dad with Grace and Rosie

Rev Eleanor and Gareth with the proud parents

Nana and Papa Daly