Kilimanjaro Remembered

When Desmond Preston returned from East Africa after his successful ascent of Mt Kilimanjaro he planted a beautiful flowering shrub in his garden in Omagh to remind himself – if ever he needed reminding – that he had conquered the highest peak in Africa.   Given the havoc wrought in my own garden by the unseasonal frost in Mid-May and the gales of the week-end of Friday 22 and Saturday 23 May, it is good to know that his lovely Viburnum Kilimanjaro survived unscathed, as shown in the accompanying photo.  Viburnum Kilimanjaro Sunrise is a stunning variety rightly crowned “Plant of the Year” at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2015.  This year it was crowned “Plant of the Decade”, decided by the Peoples Choice at the virtual Chelsea Flower Show 2020.

Jim McBain
23 May 2020