Sunday 31 May 2020 – Drive-in Service
On Sunday 31 May after 10 weeks of lockdown due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, members of Omagh Methodist Church assembled in their car park at 11.00 am for a “Drive-in” Service. As cars arrived, they were directed to parking spaces from which drivers and passengers would have a clear view of the “pulpit”. While John Wesley may have preached from the back of a horse, Rev Eleanor gamely mounted the back of a trailer, fitted out with lectern and microphone. The acoustics were surprisingly good, perhaps because the carpark is sunken between four walls which act as a mini amphitheatre, with the garden providing a balcony for those who had arrived on foot. As the photos show, the car park was full and the congregation well represented. For the Rev Eleanor it was the second of three drive-in services planned for Pentecost Sunday, the first having been held at Mayne Methodist at 10.00 am, with services scheduled for Omagh at 11.00am and Togherdoo at Noon. Further drive-in services will be held each Sunday until the churches re-open for morning worship. In the meantime, worshippers were encouraged to stay abreast with what is going on in the church and around the circuit by routinely logging onto the church website.