Watchnight Service Fintona Methodist Church

The congregation in Fintona Methodist Church for the Watchnight Service

The Watchnight Service in Fintona Methodist was well supported by church members from across the circuit as well as visitors from other churches in the community.  The evening began at 10.30 pm with supper where all enjoyed festive treats in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.   At 11.15 pm all moved into the body of the church where Rev Eleanor neatly up-staged husband Gareth by welcoming everybody before calling upon Gareth to welcome everybody.   After some good-natured banter between Gareth and Eleanor some of those who had recently been to the Holy Land with Rev Mark Templeton were invited to share their experience of the trip and their impressions of modern-day Israel and Jordan.   Moving on Rev Eleanor prayerfully acknowledged that 2019 had been a challenging year for some and invited Eileen Kenny to reflect on how her faith had helped herself and David overcome a difficult time earlier in the year.   In the closing minutes of the Old Year Reggie Mills looked forward to the next GOSPELFEST concert in February before the New Year was welcomed in with all present exchanging greetings and good wishes for the year ahead.  After a short time of reflection led by Rev Eleanor, the service closed with joyous praise and thanksgiving.

Supper beforehand