Photo: Peter Good Hall set up for Old MacDonald Vintage Coffee Day 

On Saturday 21 September members of Mayne Methodist Church, supported by Rev Eleanor and friends in the Omagh Church, held a coffee day in the Peter Good Hall to raise funds for their building programme. The venture was given the intriguing title “Old MacDonald’s Vintage Coffee Day” to reflect the effort put into recreating scenes and tableau from the country life of yester-year. Whlle the centre of the hall was set out with tables, tray-bakes and tempting treats, the sides of the hall were decorated with a vintage display of artefacts common-place in homes and on farms in the middle of the last century- Wash stands, dressers, chamber pots and churns vied for space with an old plough, bales of straw and implements from days when much of the work on the farm was done by hand.  A rowing boat for fishing the lakes and  vintage tractor in the car park helped to set the scene.  In the hall a cake sale and a stand aptly called “bargain bucket” added to the interest. As a result the efforts of the good folk of Mayne were well rewarded by widespread support from across the circuit and a goodly sum of money was raised for the church’s development project.