Musical ensemble “Danum camerata” from Doncaster

On Tuesday 29 October Omagh Methodist Church was delighted to welcome the musical group Danum Camerata.   By way of introduction their leader and organist, Carey Williams, explained that “Danum” was the Roman name for Doncaster and while the group is based in South Yorkshire its members come from places as far apart as Denmark and South Wales,  with strong connections to Omagh through John Campbell a native of the town and long-time member of the group.  While Danum Camerata has a wide repertoire, it specialises in music of Purcell, Handel and Pachelbel from the baroque era.   This includes concertos for the organ and a delightful part of the concert was some solo pieces on the organ played by Mr Williams. The players in the ensemble have also very fine singing voices and entertained the congregation with pieces both classical and modern.   A retiring offering for Cancer Research was taken in support of the charity for which the group was raising money.   They were warmly thanked for their visit to Omagh Methodist By Rev Eleanor Hayden.