Children’s Day Service Sunday 9th June 2019

The morning service on Sunday 9th June was taken by the Sunday School, with Miss Audrey Hodge as the guest speaker. Under the guidance of their teachers, Mrs Orla Giles and Mrs Kim Paskin, the children led in prayer, read passages of Scripture,  sang songs, told stories and acted out little plays, all based on the teaching of Jesus and Christian living.    Miss Hodge engaged the children [and the entire congregation] with an address which included a trick with a glass of water and some children joining her in the pulpit for a game of CONNECT.   Afterwards she presented each child with a prize for their participation in the service.    Mrs Doreen Preston, who led the service, warmly thanked the teachers for all their work throughout the year and their success in putting together a lovely Children’s Day Service.

All together enacting a short play

Junior section singing along with actions

Story telling using pictures drawn by themselves

Benjamin shares his story

Guest Speaker, Miss Audrey Hodge, making a point in the pulpit with help from some younger members of the Sunday School