The last Men’s Breakfast of the season was held in the Peter Good Hall on Saturday 23 March with 29 present. Having opened with prayer John Buchanan introduced Dean Houston as someone whom he had first met at a Public Service Training event 25 years ago. John recalled that at that event he had been challenged to name someone who had been a major influence in his life. He responded “Jesus” and can still recall the put-down he received from the course leader.
Deane began by sharing that he has Omagh roots. In 1906 his grandfather King Houston from Seskinore, married Edith Alcorn from Lough Muck, in Omagh Methodist Church. Deane then went on to share details of his professional career working almost three decades with visually impaired. Following this he was the Pastoral Associate at Glenabbey Church at Glengormley – a non-denominational church. Deane also explained how he discovered, having attended a tent mission in Co Fermanagh in July 1982, that God offers us the gift of eternal life rescuing him from his sins. Since 2015, Deane along with his wife Helen, have been providing a place of rest, refreshment and refocusing for missionaries / pastors.