Attendees at the Food Hygiene Course in Omagh Methodist Church. 21.01.19

The word hospitality brings to mind tables filled with tray-bakes, sandwiches, pots of good coffee and tea. Being hospitable, in our understanding, means to be gracious with our welcome, gifted at creating an atmosphere that invites community and relationship building. Everyone appreciates this kind of hospitality, and it is an important aspect of serving others. We all need to eat and drink in order to stay alive, so it is important that our food does not harm our reputation of love and service as Methodist people. Therefore anyone in the Church who works with food must ensure that she or he handles that food in such a way that it is highly unlikely to jeopardise the health of our congregations and visitors. The Food Safety Awareness Course provides an introduction to food safety, that is, the actions we should take and the behaviours we should display in order to keep food safe at all times. In total 27 members of our Circuit undertook the course and found it to be most insightful and needful, acting out our ‘due diligence’ as part of our gift in hospitality and love.