In Mid-December 2018 Mrs Doreen Preston travelled with her daughter Claire to East Africa to visit a Christian Community in Mombasa The invitation for Doreen to preach came in a round-a-bout sort of way. Doreen’s daughter Claire publishes a religious blog on the internet and out of the blue she was contacted by a pastor in Mombasa who, unbeknownst to her, was one of her followers. The conversation which followed resulted in an invitation to Claire to visit Kenya. Rather than travel on her own Claire invited Mum, Doreen, along, explaining to her hosts that her mother was a local preacher. This was immediately converted into an invitation for Doreen to take one of the services in the church in Magongo. [Doreen’s story continues below the photo]

Mrs Doreen Preston in Mombasa

On Sunday 13 January Doreen was invited to take the pulpit in Omagh Methodist Church to share her experience of her trip to East Africa. After a long 20 hour journey from Belfast to Mombassa, Doreen and Claire and two other travelling companions were warmly greeted by a large welcoming committee. After lots of hugs and handshakes they were taken on a very crowded by ferry to a Missionary Guest House run by their hosts – the Christian Revival Church. Clean and comfortable Doreen and Claire quickly recovered from their long journey and were soon enjoying unfamiliar food in temperatures between 80 and 90 Fahrenheit. Church worship was vibrant with the congregation dancing in the aisle and waving their arms. Afterwards they were invited to the home of one of the church members to share a time of praise in a dwelling with only one room. Doreen remembers it as a time of kindness, love and generosity of heart and spirit. The needs of the church for Bibles and teaching resources was everywhere evident and Claire and Doreen came away with a clear understanding of the support which the church requires to grow in faith and fellowship.