Remembrance Day Service, Sunday 11th September 2018 

Mr Jack Doonan [left] with Mr Derek Wylie

The Centenary of the Armistice which ended the First World War on 11th November 1918 was marked in Omagh by a large parade of ex-servicemen and civilians with a full turn-out of the town’s youth organisations. Following a Service of Remembrance in Omagh Academy the parade assembled at the war memorial where a two-minute silence was observed at 11.00 am before poppy wreaths were laid. At 11.30 the parade dispersed with many going on to morning service in their own churches. In Omagh Methodist a poppy wreath was placed below the plaque which commemorates those who served. It was laid by Mr Derek Wylie, with Mr Jack Doonan reciting the Ode to the Fallen. As part of a poignant and solemn service Rev Eleanor read the poem below which asks how it must have felt to be one of the countless young men sent out to the battlefields of “The Great War”

How did you feel that morning?

How did you feel that morning
when the call up papers came through?
Did your blood run cold, or excitement take hold
at the thought that your country needs you.

How did you feel that morning
when the time came to set off from home?
Did you conquer your fears, or break down in tears
with the loved ones you’d soon leave alone?

How did you feel that morning
when you first set your foot in the trench?
Did you brush it aside, or wish you could hide
from the horror, the carnage, the stench?

How did you feel that morning
when your friend was blown up by shell?
Did you rush to his aid, or just stand there, afraid
that you’d somehow been whisked off to hell?

How did you feel that morning
when they sent you over the top?
Did you shout with relief, or in sheer disbelief,
vainly pray that this nightmare would stop?

How did you feel that morning
when the bullets started to fly?
Did you think even then you might cheat death again,
or did you know you were going to die?

How did you feel that morning
as the lifeblood slipped slowly away?
Did you try to make sense of theses crazy events
or with one final breath try to pray?

How do I feel this morning
in the face of such slaughter and sorrow?
Do I just stand aghast as I think of the past
or give all for a better tomorrow?

Written by Nick Fawcett
Published by Kevin Mayhew Ltd.