Ms Elizabeth McWatters [left] MWI All-Ireland President, with Mrs Anne McBain, Omagh MWI

The ladies of Omagh MWI held their annual service on Sunday 20 May 2018 with Ms Elizabeth McWatters, All-Ireland President, as the special speaker. Mrs Anne McBain, President of Omagh MWI welcomed everyone and led a well-planned service of hymns, Bible readings and Prayers with different members of MWI participating. The soloist was Mrs Rhona Alcorn and the Children’s address was given by Rev Eleanor Hayden.    Ms McWatters took as her theme “In the Garden of God” and reminded the congregation that only three flowers are named in the Bible – Roses, Lilies and Camphire. Having defined “The Garden of Eden” as a link between Heaven and Earth, she developed her sermon by referencing other gardens mentioned in the Bible, including the Garden of Gethsemane and the “Tree of Life” from the Book of Revelation. The Word of God as revealed to us in the Bible, she said, is seed to be sown which with prayer will revitalise old churches and see new ones established. She lifted up in prayer the “Persecuted Church” in places such as Myanmar and Sri Lanka which she had recently visited and where the church continues to grow in a garden surrounded by hostility and antagonism.