Our Flowers

The Omagh Society held its Annual Congregational Meeting on Thursday 19th April in the Peter Good Hall.  Rev Eleanor welcomed everyone and opened the meeting with short time of prayer and praise.  Thereafter things followed the usual format with a reading of the minutes of the previous meeting held in April 2017, and reports from those whose work behind the scenes keeps the church alive in all quarters.   Gordon Aiken gave a reassuring account on Finance; John Stewart provided a positive overview of  property and reported on behalf of John Buchanan on attendance at the Men’s Breakfast Fellowship; Ruth Colton and her helpers earned praise for their work in the Sunday School; Irene Allison enthused about the Mother and Toddler group; Desmond Preston spoke  encouragingly about the Church Bowling Club; Anne McBain reflected on another good year in MWI and Jim McBain reviewed progress on the new Data Protection Regulations coming into force on 25th May 2018.   The Bible Study group, led by Rev Eleanor, felt enlightened and up-lifted and the contributions to Sunday Worship of our organists, pew stewards, sound technicians and power point specialists was applauded.  A special word of thanks was offered to those who Sunday by Sunday place flowers in the sanctuary that bring colour and beauty to each service. The gallery of photos below shows some recent displays.  In many cases the flowers are taken from the Church to members of the congregation who are unable to get out to Church to be enjoyed in their own homes.