Easter Walkers

On Good Friday, 30th March 2018, an “All-age Walk” was held as part of the Easter Celebrations organised jointly by Omagh Methodist Church and St Columba’s Church of Ireland.   On a dry bright, if somewhat chilly morn, walkers assembled in the car park of the Ulster American Folk Park for a gently paced 2 mile walk on lanes and minor roads near the Mellon homestead.  It was an opportunity for all participants to reflect on the events of Good Friday with the incentive of Easter eggs for the many children taking part.   Easter Eggs had been hidden at 12 places on the walk, clues to their location being given away by coloured balloons tethered to gates and in the hedgerow.   Each plastic egg contained a small item which could be readily connected with the Easter story, for example, a nail, a dice, a spear.   As each egg was “discovered” a walker was invited to read that passage of scripture which included mention of the item that had been found.   Rev Ian Linton of St Columba’s had helpers on hand at each stop to distribute cards bearing key verses from the Gospels.   To these he added a few words of his own to keep the adults engaged and the narrative moving.   At he end of the walk a basket of mini chocolate eggs was produced and pounced upon by the many children who had completed the walk.   This embraced children of all ages – from infants in prams, little ones at nursery school, older ones of primary and secondary age, Mums, Dads and senior citizens, one of whom would be 90 in a few days time.

Below photos of some of those who enjoyed the Good Friday Walk