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What’s new on the website? [Up-dated 16.02.18]
1. Announcements for the  week beginning Sunday 18 February 2018:  See “Church Notices”
2. Prayer Topics for the week beginning Sunday 18 February 2018: See “Prayer and Reflection”
3. Note about new Data Protection Regulations.  See “News and Pictures”
Recent additions to the website
4. Men’s Breakfast 24.01.18 with Mission Aviation Fellowship. See “News and Pictures”
5. M.W.I.  Praise Service 21.01.18 in the Harold McCauley Home.  See “News and Pictures”
6. T.O.M. Team 13- 20 January:  See “News and Pictures”
7. Our 24 hour Prayer Vigil 16.01.18:   See “News and Pictures”

OMAGH METHODIST CHURCH is part of the Omagh and Fintona Circuit of the Methodist Church in Ireland.  The other churches on the circuit – in addition to Omagh and Fintona – are Drumquin, Mayne and Togherdoo.  The Superintendent Minister of all five churches is Rev Eleanor Hayden, ably assisted by husband Gareth who is employed by the Methodist Church as the Lay Pastor for the circuit.

Superintendent Minister:  Rev Eleanor Hayden
Address: The Methodist Manse, 9 Dergmoney Place, Omagh, BT78 1HS
Manse Telephone No. 028 8216 0086

Rev Eleanor can be contacted by e-mail at eleanorhayden@hotmail.com.
Gareth’s e-mail address is garethhayden@aol.com

Church address: Omagh Methodist Church, Church Street, Omagh, BT78 1DH

Everyone is welcome to join us in praise and worship every Sunday at 11.30 am

Note that during the summer months combined services are held for Omagh and Mayne.   Church Notices in July and August carry details of times and venues.

Church Notices also include information on other special services throughout the year as they arise.